Validation and Verification in Transformation/Programs

Large programs with ambitious goals typically span multiple years, while embracing a larger scope of changes than typical with well defined projects or initiatives. These programs have a unique set of challenges, and each program has its own unique context and expectations of outcomes.

Our team has experience in handling several large scale transformation projects and is uniquely positioned to advise and help on your transformation program.

Such large scale efforts typically fail, and a strong commitment is a prerequisite to their success. Instituting an Independent Validation & Verification team to analyze the progression of such large scale programs allows a strong feedback loop and visibility into key issues arising in the program - from the organization as a complex web of constraints of culture and knowledge gap; time pressures from underestimated efforts to name a few.

Several such programs can be brought into alignment by using remedies such as:

  • Organizational Training
  • Solution Design/Development
  • Outcome mapping to processes/activities - adopting business or enterprise architecture approaches

As each program is unique, some or more of the above recommendations are typically suggested in combination with the recommendations to address program/client specific concerns and issues.