Consulting Services

We view our client's enterprise from an end-to-end perspective, to offer consulting services to enhance their value chain. Our consulting practices follow the paradigm that works best for enterprises - Align, Architect and Execute.

Align Understanding the client's strategy, identify the current and desired state of alignment to assist with organizational alignment using standards and best practices
Architect Map and Articulate the strategy as a design across the spectrum of business, data, applications and technology to include processes, capabilities and value streams.
Execute Prepare the road map to sequence and execute projects.

Business Architecture Services

Business Architecture Services benefit from alignment as well as facilitate alignment by articulating the strategy through better models and designs from business perspectives. A maturing discipline, the business architecture industry is enabling a fresh perspective to coalesce the various parts of an enterprise to execute its strategy. Our services are provided by qualified consultants certified in Business Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture Services span the entire gamut of an enterprise's strategy and operations. Enterprise Architecture is primarily concerned with understanding and planning what is required to transition an organization from where it is to where it wants to be. The nature of these changes may involve several disciplines and practices, thus a cross functional, collaborative approach is required. Our services are provided by qualified consultants certified in TOGAF, FEAC, etc.

Validation and Verification

Our Validation and Verification can be beneficial as "another set of eyes" for our client, when they have assigned or performed work that spans Business Architecture, Business Transformation, etc. The purpose of V&V is to help the client obtain an independent evaluation of the artifacts, process and can aid the governance process. Our services are provided by qualified consultants with several years of experience in performing validation and verification work.

Enterprise IT Strategy

This practice is the quintessential CIO (Chief Information Officer) perspective. Senior level consultants work with management from executives, middle management and operations management to evaluate and recommend strategies, options and alternatives spanning the selection or deployment of technologies and their impacts on business operations.

VMSOFT has the breadth and depth of experience together with its business partners and can undertake work as required by your needs.