Business Architecture

Business Architecture is gaining prominence as a promising approach that improves planning and execution of business strategies. It draws from several disciplines to form a wholesome base from where several significant decisions of planning and executing business plans can be delegated successfully within an organization. The use of Business Architecture is a strategic choice, and more businesses are choosing it for their business planning and execution.

The VMSOFT Business Architecture practice involves a perceptive integration of organizational, technological and business driven issues from both strategic and tactical perspectives to prepare an action plan. We emphasize the equivocal architectural perspective - to allow diversity of input and creativity to thrive. The goal of any business architecture effort remains focused on the enabling an organization to realize its ability to execute strategies, overcome barriers to change and realize the full potential of initiatives.

Our business architecture services can be employed easily - in a leadership, consulting or embedded mode. These modes provide alternative ways to engage our team to address your needs. The following explains the engagement modes.

Leadership Mode

In the leadership mode of engagement, the client delegates the entire responsibility and accountability for the execution of a strategy to our team. Our team assumes leadership for the business architecture, the strategies and their execution.

Consulting Mode

In the consulting mode of engagement, the client benefits from our expertise but retains the responsibility for the execution of strategy. Our team provides support, recommendations and advice as needed.

Embedded Mode

In the embedded mode of engagement, the client benefits from our skills and expertise, but retains the entire responsibility and accountability for the execution of a strategy. Our team provides personnel to add to your team, who support and enhance the productivity of the entire effort.

It should be noted that these engagement models are just a starting point for identifying the appropriate approach to realizing strategies. By its very nature, Business Architecture is not a panacea for accumulated backlogs, and by its very definition requires a comprehensive yet focused approach to enable results. Hence, the appropriate response to realizing strategies may involve other components besides Business Architecture - such as customer experience, application portfolio realignment, operational innovation and business model factoring.

VMSOFT has the breadth and depth of experience necessary to undertake Business Architecture work as needed.

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