IT Strategy

Information Technology (IT) is an integral aspect of most business strategies and cannot be viewed in isolation as just technical detail. The choices of technology and its deployment to business purposes invariably affect the operating cost of an organization. Due to the constantly changing landscape of IT due to advancement in technology, and its innovative deployment, a constant tension prevails between the available choices and the deployment decisions. IT Strategy needs to address the dual concerns of competitive effectiveness from a service delivery perspective (time and cost) and the recognition of challenges from deploying secure, available and scalable solutions.

Virtually Managed Software(R) is a key enabler of our IT Strategy consulting.

We address the entire gamut of business model efficacy by planning for change, accounting for the cost of inevitable change and avoiding gotchas while deploying new technology stacks.

Our practice covers:

  • Buy vs. Build decisions
  • Security, Availability and Scalability for customer centric performance
  • Focused evaluation/recommendation for acquiring products and services
  • Selective Outsourcing Strategies
  • Application/Services/API Strategies