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The emergence of cloud computing along with solutions like have created the opportunity for its mainstream adoption among all businesses. It is no longer a question of if you will move to the cloud, but when. As cloud computing emerged on the horizon, VMSOFT has been an early adopter to the technology having successfully implemented with Amazon EC2, S3 and Salesforce cloud development.

Our Salesforce capabilities

We have a growing team of certified Salesforce consultants to address many of your Salesforce needs. Our agile approach to Salesforce projects lets you to remain in the know constantly as deliveries are planned and executed. We have a dedicated team of 20+ experts which is 100 % salesforce certified with either 401 or 201 credential and in process of acquiring further certification modules. Our current team brings a diverse domain and technology experience to the growing practice and expertise. This team has executed several Salesforce projects already.

Our open engagement model consists of engaging key personnel from the start, understanding your specific needs of the customer to translate them into project requirements for execution. Customers can have a transparent access to our team as needed. As an agile shop with a dedication to agile tools such as Jira, Daily Scrum, and Sprint management of typically two to three weeks allows a consistent pace and transparency to project execution.

Our solutions have been successfully deployed at satisfied customers in public and private sectors. We have worked in healthcare, social, finance and technology industries.

The following areas of competencies will be evident in our engagement with you.

  1. Sales Cloud
  2. Service Cloud
  3. Custom UI
  4. Web Services
  5. Configuration – workflows, customer settings
  6. Batch Apex
  7. Translation workbench for Localization
  8. Web-services to interface external systems including SAP
  9. Amazon interfacing
  10. Heroku cloud.

We will be more than happy to listen to your specific Salesforce need and come up with an approach that can provide a complete solution.

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