Java, JEE - Application Development

Java/JEE Application Development is a mature practice with the availability of a large body of knowledge, tools and several communities of interest being the chief factors that distinguish this platform from all others for enterprise business applications, and making it the number one choice. Therefore it is not surprising to see the continued adoption and evolution of this technology and the availability of qualified professionals to address the application development challenges.

Our team has evolved with the platform; today we are performing projects in Java using Spring Frameworks, Struts/JSF/Velocity etc. MVC frameworks, GWT/ext-js/jquery based Java development techniques such as DOJO. Besides being proficient in UI technologies, tactics and strategies our team is well versed in database technologies spanning relational, network/hierarchical as well as nosql databases. Our experience spans Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Postgres SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB and Cassandra. We also have Map-Reduce programming experience for Hadoop.

Please contact us with your project development needs related to Java technologies.

Our clients can benefit from our access to a world-wide network of programmers, analysts and developers directly and indirectly through our supplier network. We perform turnkey projects using fixed-price bids. Our product development is based on a fixed funding strategy for a specific feature set - following a lean model, we have no unnecessary bloat in our solutions and all code is just what the customer has wanted - asked explicitly or derived from implied wants from other features/requests and issues.

We are not only a team of great developers, but have project management and architectural discipline to deliver quality products along a defined process in an expected time frame.

Some of our accomplishments are services running in production for more than a decade - working well for the customer.

We excel in delivering truly needed products to clients.