Validation & Verification


We offer high value Independent Validation & Verification practices for our clients that allow them to ensure the value of their business plans. These practices are designed to be performed for a client by our team to provide actionable recommendations to the client organization that they can then use.

Clients rely on our IV&V practice to ensure the value of their business plans, to their stakeholders and risk bearers. We offer this capability to scale by addressing individual business cases or entire programs such as business transformation programs.

Our competent consultants in combination with our network of suppliers can address a wide range of issues for today's business issues.

Please contact our offices for more details on how this practice can help you ascertain the value of your current investments in large scale IT and Business Transformation programs and projects.

In one of our past engagements, we prevented significant problems and costs for our client by identifying the risks, obstacles and potential deviations from plans and recommending corrective action from a business as well as technology perspectives. Following our advice allowed the client to achieve at least an operational system from its modernization effort and averted a disaster that was evident due to the several missing links between the requirements/design and the goals and feasible foundations in the organization.