Business Case Validation

Each business case is about outcomes. Whether it is undertaken as a project or an initiative, it is paramount that the business case establishes a line of sight to its outcomes.

While it appears that validating a business case is not a candidate for independent validation, the following issues suggest a second look:

  • Business Cases addressing a single scenario
  • Business Cases addressing a set of scenarios

Often, business cases are inputs to investment planning, and a broader context exists within which a business case should be evaluated. The expected outcomes are subject to a variety of factors - overt competition's response, latent competitive response, sideways innovation and game changing industry dynamics.

Perceptive validation beyond cause and effect leads to refinement of business cases that are innovative, prospect innovation from raw ideas and aspirations.

The VMSOFT validation practice can help uncover hidden assets in your business case scenarios including the ability to realize your strategy in a timely fashion, using tactics that extend inputs from organic origin to strategic positioning.

VMSOFT V&V is the answer, to reach beyond ceremony and into the possible, right now.